Sweet & Sour Chicken

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Recently our family went  to the shelter and brought home two little kittens. Cats are supposed to be easier than dogs, right? Or at least that’s what we thought. The first day or two we could contain them, but all … Continued

Roasted Lemon Chicken

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    I remember when I finished my first semester of college my mom wanted to make a big dinner for the whole family to enjoy. I had not been home for a couple months and she wanted to give … Continued

Basil Pesto

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  As this time of the year basil is plentiful, and the best way to use it up is to make pesto, and then go ahead and make more pesto. Pesto is one of those ingredients that can take any … Continued

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

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    Chocolate chip cookies are comfort food at their finest. This recipe takes the standard chocolate chip cookie and transforms it into a delicious bar. My mom can whip together chocolate chip cookies in no time. One day she was bringing cookies to … Continued

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